Probably, you’ve said to yourself once that you have to catalog your works in order to keep everything organized. At the same time, to ensure that nothing slips through cracks and that you have a legacy to leave. You may even have sticky notes or reminder on the calendar that’s been in your computer or smartphone for quite some time.

It is Easier than it Looks

Doing inventory of your artwork can be an overwhelming task.

This is true especially if you’ve already accounted hundreds or even thousands of works throughout your career. The task could even built up in your minds that you get to procrastinate.

Here’s the thought, working on an inventory for your artworks does not need to be daunting. There are so many intuitive and user friendly inventory programs online that can be used to assist you in the process.

The Benefits of Using Inventory Programs

Taking advantage of such system can help you get started and finally, start organizing your projects. Now, this saves you stress, energy and time. Not only that, assuming that you’ve bought reliable system to archive your works, you instantly have records of your works which can be quite useful if disaster occurs.