Visual art: Photographic styles and trends

The technical development of photography is closely linked to the development of different photographic styles. In the early days of photography, very long exposure times of up to eight hours were not uncommon. Manufacturers of herbs for blood circulation use photography to show the actual images of their products.

Accordingly, those genres developed during this time, the motifs of which were motionless objects

  • The still life
  • Architectural photography and
  • Landscape photography

In the course of the technical advancement of photography, the exposure times were shortened, which also enabled the recording of moving subjects and brought about new photographic genres.

Some styles and trends

Art photography

Art photography was essentially an English movement. It reached its peak between 1850 and 1870 when photography was still in its infancy. It was created by a number of photographers who wanted to give their work the same status as it had at the time of the visual arts. Accordingly, they designed their photos based on the example of painting. They chose literary, historical, and mythological subjects as subjects for their depictions; they were particularly impressed by the motives of the Pre-Raphaelites. The corresponding scenes had to be staged in the studio with sets, props, costumes, and a lot of effort. In addition, the art photographers retouched their pictures in the style of portrait painters, colored them, and alienated them using assembly technology.


Pictorialism was an international movement that followed in 1900 in the style of art photography phase. Pictorialism shared with it the fundamental view that a photo gains in value if it is in the style of another work of art – e.g. a drawing or a painting – resembles. The tendency of the Pictorialists to transform their works from “more profane” images, such as simple snapshots to take off to show them off as works of art. To do this, they orientated themselves on the atmosphere and light-capturing painting style of impressionism.

Like art photographers, the pictorialists wanted their pictures to have a purely aesthetic effect.

“Straight” photography

The “straight” photography – a trend that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century – brought about the emancipation of photography from painting. Artists in both fields accepted that the different media had very individual, incomparable characteristics and properties and that each offered their own display options.

Visual arts: Concept of painting

Painting is one of the visual arts In addition to graphics, architecture, and sculpture. It belongs to the oldest form of art. Prehistoric cave paintings give evidence of this.

In addition to graphics, painting is an art of surface, in contrast to three-dimensional sculpture and architecture. It was dominant in many stylistic epochs, for example in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
It lost its leading role in the 20th century due to new ways of seeing and expressing the arts.
The variety of paintings is very wide. It can carry the physicality and illusion of spatial depth and thus reproduce portrayals of reality, but also purely mental ideas. On the other hand, the skills developed through arts can help anyone answer pottermore quiz remarkably.

Carrier of the paint application

In the case of direct application of paint, a distinction is made between wall painting, panel painting, and book illumination, and in the field of handicrafts painting on ceramics, porcelain, lacquer, and silk.
In the broadest sense, processes that are based on the implementation of an artistic design in a specific material also count as painting, such as enamel painting, glass painting, mosaic, and picture knitting. Borderline cases are the painted relief, the polychromy in architecture, the colored version of a sculpture, the collage, and the colored graphics.

Shaping reality?

In spite of its connection to the surface, painting is the freest compared to the other visual arts: its illusionistic ability allows the creation of any existing reality or purely intellectual conceptions. Representation, the understanding of the precise properties of architecture and sculpture, the describing of space to an ever greater depth, the representation of bodies in ever better range of forms, are a feature of European portrait between around 1300 and 1910.

The renunciation of portrayal meant an epochal turning point in the 20th century. The painting came along with the examination of what is real. The design elements of color, line, and surface were held as independently as the design and the object. The objective reality is not reproduced, but rather one’s own visual reality is raised up to the objective of the presentation and therefore detached from the duplication of the external appearance.

Significance Visual art classes for kids

The impact of visual art lessons is not to be underestimated.

From the first grade onwards, the pupils have art lessons in primary school, they learn how to use paint and brushes and they can already make simple drawings. Later on, the use of scissors and paper is added, but that’s not all that is taught in art lessons. Likewise, children learn to look at and describe pictures in primary school. No matter whether your child wants to take up an artistic profession, art lessons are important for all children.


The significance of visual art class

The primary school pupils get to know the works of old masters while looking at pictures, not only painters in your country but worldwide as well. The students get an insight into foreign cultures, their interest in art and culture is established. It depends on good teachers because this is the only way children can really get excited about art and culture.

Most children enjoy painting, their creativity is encouraged and they get new ideas. Not every child has a talent for drawing, but individuality is what is needed. The art lessons prepare the children for their future profession because painting and handicrafts train the fine motor skills of the child’s hand.


Promote creative talent early on

Children are taught the basics of color theory, they have the opportunity to try different things and receive suggestions for a hobby. If your child likes to paint at home or if they enjoy handicrafts, you should support them and buy them the right material. Adhesive films in different colors can be used for many design options, even for the window. However, before buying read product reviews first.

In art class in elementary school, children can develop their own style, they learn to express themselves with pictures. An important aspect is that children are trained to work carefully and cleanly, right from the start.


Promote your child

You should encourage your child early on and give them advice. Soon they will enjoy painting and designing, they will realize their own ideas.

The social behavior of children is encouraged in art classes because children learn to exchange ideas with others and to carry out various projects with their peers.

The Art Of Heating: What Is A Countertop Microwave Oven

T­he microwave oven could be one of the greatest inventions in the 20th century. In fact, hundreds of millions of homes worldwide have one. And it is definitely one of the kitchen wares they can’t afford to have.

Just think about how many times you use a microwave every day. You definitely can’t count it. When you’re running late for work, and there’s no time to fix breakfast at home so you go to the fridge and microwave cook the food you have.

Or if you’re feeling a little lazy to cook meals, then you microwave it instead. But the one the question on Microwave, how do they work? And what are the best food and containers are okay for microwave cooking?

Today’s blog post will talk about such things!

What is a Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are one of today’s popular inventions because they cook food in an amazingly short amount of time. It basically saves you enough time than cooking heavy meals. These ubiquitous and extremely unique appliances are also efficient in their use of electricity because they only heat the food, not, theoretically, the microwave-safe container the food’s in.

Microwaves are a type of wave that is sandwiched between radio waves and infrared radiation on the electromagnetic spectrum. That is why it was possible to heat any food inside it.

While most people prefer to use a microwave oven in their day to day cooking, there are still some questions that might bug them. One of which is “Microwave, how do they work?”

How Does it Work?

In microwave cooking, the radio waves penetrate the food that excites water and fat molecules pretty much evenly throughout the food. No heat has to migrate toward the interior by conduction. There’s heat everywhere all at once because the molecules are all excited together.

But however, there are limits, of course. Microwaves penetrate unevenly in thick pieces of food, and there are also “hot spots” caused by wave interference. The whole heating process is different because you are “exciting atoms” rather than “conducting heat.”

Countertop microwave ovens are built for safety. In fact, there’s a specially built countertop microwave ovens designed for seniors (See Its ergonomic design provides better accessibility and functionality to seniors.


Incorporating Art in Your Garden

We take our back yards mostly for granted.

Let’s put our gardens back in shape by incorporating not just plants but arts as well. Incorporate some recycled materials, inexpensive pieces, and some visual arts. Get inspired and transform your garden into your little piece of heaven.
Your garden may come alive not only with plants. Add something unexpected or something not green. It would say a lot about you and will grab the attention of anyone who visits it. Not only will they admire your plants but with everything in it.

49 Modern Outdoor Metal Garden Art Ideas | garden ideas

Blend in some simple pieces of Art:
It’s best accented with simple homemade art pieces. You can hang them or insert them anywhere in your garden. You can add simple artworks and some visual arts that can serve as inspiration. It’s something you’ll surely enjoy. A beautifully landscaped garden is a fulfillment that you can be proud of. In need of landscaping services that can help you transform your garden? Read more on
Add some of your favorite sculptures
Sculptures can be anything. A unique rock, beautiful statues, antique containers, rustic benches, and clay pot are a few. Make sure that all that you add in your garden can withstand any harsh weather. Make sure that the pieces you select blend in your garden and find the best places to put these sculptures. Anywhere is not good. Use these sculptures to conceal an imperfect spot in your garden.
Night lighting can have a more dramatic effect to your garden at night. Perfect lighting in the garden can catch everyone’s attention. Even the darkest area in your garden will look stunning with garden lights.
Garden Mosaics
Add more chic style to your garden by adding a garden mosaic. It’s a charming way to add more attraction to your outdoor space. Mosaics are very simple to make. Use materials like glass, marbles, colorful stones, and even wood tiles. Adding a little sparkle in your garden will surely make your garden stand out.
It’s hard work maintaining a garden. Chores are endless like weeding, mowing, planting, or watering. All these are nothing if we really love our garden. A lot of unforgettable and precious moments take place in the gardens. Priceless moments like birthdays, weddings and a simple bbq party are unforgettable memories. All these we treasure and never forget.

The Art of Kidney Stones Formation and Its Prevention

The condition of having kidney stones is very common for almost 10% of individuals in the US.

Knowing that you already developed kidney stones is one of the most painful experiences. This is somehow more disturbing than the pain coming from the kidney stone itself. Having kidney stones will give you a higher probability of developing another one.

In order to ameliorate those chances, physicians and urologists have initiated a state-of-the-art program for kidney stones treatment. Before introducing this kind of plan, let us first explore how these kidney stones developed. 

Kidney Stones Formation

Kidney stones are a group of large crystals bonded as one new element forming a mass of stones. The urine is the usual location of stone formation that also has minerals. And also, through the urine, these minerals abandon the body. This process typically happens before the development of the stones.

But, the moment the crystals level in the urine gets high, kidney stones become a difficulty. There are cases that kidney stones simply pass without showing any signs and symptoms. These usually happen when the stones are smaller.

Meanwhile, if the kidney stones developed into a larger one, expect to experience a problem. The large kidney stones have the possibility to block into the urinary tract during its passage. Large stones can also be a triggering point of producing other symptoms like pain, internal infections, and kidney failure.   

Signs and Symptoms of Having Kidney Stones

Are you experiencing pain especially on the lower back? If yes, you may be encountering the most common symptoms of kidney stones. At certain times, other symptoms can be observed together with the onset of pain. This may include blood in the urine, nausea and vomiting. There are times that kidney stones can only be discovered while in the process of treating urinary tract infections.   

Prevention of Kidney Stones Formation

Water is very important in the prevention of kidney stones. For this medical condition, remember that proper hydration is the key. Being hydrated will generally reduce the formation of crystals in the urine. The recommended amount of water intake to prevent kidney stones is about 3 liters and higher. 

However, kidney stones formation varies from the type of stones. They can either be composed of calcium oxalates, uric acid, cystine or struvite. Knowing these stone types may generally help in identifying the appropriate approach to treat the patient. 

Understanding the stone-forming substance may end up recommending treatments like diet modification, what to drink for kidney stones and medications if needed. In addition, this will also result in a better, fitter, and healthier you!

Home Renovating Tips: Choosing Shower Curtains

Are you going for a bathroom renovation soon? Make sure you include some shower curtains with you!

It is undeniably true that bathrooms are one of the smallest parts of your house. But it is also one of the most important. It is where you spend most of the day, you start your day preparing for work. And you end the day by taking a good hot shower.

Keeping your bathroom with all the best of the world’s essential is a total to-do. As you renovate your bathroom, make sure that you have all the things like your sink, wash table, or your shower curtain.

In today’s blog, I will help you choose the best accessories for your bathrooms starting off with shower curtain ideas. Ready? Then let’s dive in!

Tips in Choosing the Shower Curtains

Choosing a shower curtain for your bathroom is not as far the same with choosing what dress to wear— it will all depend on how you liked it.

Also, the marketplace is a place for a lot of colours, designs, and prints of shower curtains. That is why it becomes so hard for someone like who’s, at some point, occupied with work and other things to do. 

Don’t fret. That’s why I’m here for. Let’s check out this few shower curtain ideas for you.

1 Black Grid Curtain

Never deny that you are somehow a lover of black and white— put it in a grid, definitely a perfect combination. However, this does not work for everyone as bathrooms need to blend in with your house too. 

If you have a more refined and modernized house then getting a black grid might be the best option. It can also blend well if your bathroom is a minimalist type, it transforms it to become a more elegant subtle backdrop. 

2 Pure White Shower Curtain

This one works well with minimal bathrooms too. Remember that anything that is white is making everything clean. If you want to give an impression of a clean bathroom, then take a pure white shower curtain, it will definitely transform any bathroom into a clean, quiet and elegant look.

Clean also makes you feel at peace, plus the colour white makes it seem like you have a large space in your bathroom.

3 Navy Blue shower curtain

Navy blue is definitely my favourite colour— it just lights up my mood every time I see it. This navy blue shower curtain is also the sophisticated but simple shower curtain. It can work well on white tiled bathrooms and even bathrooms with green to yellow accents.

Other than that, if you are looking for the garage door repairing service then head on to and call them today!

Roofing Trends for 2020

One thing that most people are grateful for is the roof above our head. The roof in our home, the windows for sunlight and the bed we slept in. Indeed, the small things in life that make it all go round.

However, that’s the traditional things we usually thank for. Today, the generation had made people become more and more conventional and idealistic. That is why we are going to talk about the few roofing trends people should invest in 2020.

Roofing Trends

Despite any of life’s struggles, at the end of the day, we’re pretty lucky to have a roof protecting us from danger, like freezing snow, or basic discomfort, like too much sun. The first commercialized roofs date back to the year 700 AD when thatched roofs were developed.

Even before this, roofs were all about whatever materials could be found to build protection.

Roofs for Efficiency

One of the biggest trends for 2020—and not just in the world of roofs—is the need for efficiency. As threats of changing environmental factors continue to loom, people are desperate for something more resourceful.

Whether it’s the use of a roof for more energy or one that you can grow a garden on, these are the top trends for new homemakers and those looking to replace their old roofs.

1 Green Roofs

Green roofs are not only eco-friendly but aesthetically pleasing as well. As we approach 2020, we can be excited by the prospect that in another 100 years, everyone’s roof might become green. This isn’t just the colour of the shingles. These roofs are specially designed to have layers of soil and vegetation. A protective shield is used and waterproof fabric ensures that the home beneath the green life is protected.

The plant life sustains itself from the natural water and sun it receives being outdoors. This is a great way to give back to the environment, especially when building a home in a place that once belonged to animals.

2 Solar Roofs

Solar roofs are another eco-friendly emerging trend. These have been around long before 2020, but there are some factors that are making solar simpler. With rising electric bills and pressure from the ever-changing earth to be more conservative with resources, these are a top choice for many environmentally friendly homeowners.

The first generations of solar panels were expensive, bulky, and not very pleasing to the eye. These limitations have hindered the adoption of residential solar for decades.

However, if you are looking for professionals to do your Shingle repair, go to Best Roofing Toronto today!


DIY Review Blogs for Your House Tools

Are you one of those online buyers who have not had any knowledge of using your house tools? Then today’s blog posts are for you.

Basically, we all have moments of having the need to ask for someone else’s opinion, ways, and techniques in using such tools. Especially if these tools are sort of complication to use. Luckily, DIY Review blog is the perfect solution to all those questions and hesitations.

You Review It has a lot of DIY review blogs on house tools. Basically, it aims to help people across the internet to give awareness, information on the items and tools. Review blogs are perfect for people who are still unsure of purchasing a certain product on Amazon or on any shopping website.

today, this blog post will briefly discuss You Review It and some of the DIY reviews posted on their blog. 

Benefits of Review Blogs

Aside from the fact that it can help you identify if the product can do good and perform better there are still other reasons why you should consider reading over review blogs first. Here is one of those…

1 review blogs are credible.

Honest opinions are shared, original photos are posted and even negative features are a spill. This makes review blogs authentic and unbiased. This is not to discourage buyers from buying. But it is otherwise termed as helping and educating them.

2 it also provides value.

Do you ever want to look at an item or product on an amazon viewer? Of course not! Review blogs such as Toolspouch-DIY Review blog gives all the information you need then of that limited information written and publish on amazon.

3 Helps with comparing brands

Everyone likes to get what they expect from a product. Among the easiest ways to achieve this result involves purchasing a name brand you are familiar with. Surprises are eliminated when buying the same type of car or television set. Such consumer decisions reflect the essence of brand loyalty. However, consumers might not be buying the best product when dogmatically following this strategy. What happens when consumers make a not-so-perfect buying decision early on and find themselves loyal to a brand producing a weak product? Perhaps such consumers need to get out of their comfort zone.

Various Forms of Visual Arts

Visual art is a broad term that takes in a broader category of arts. Everything that our eyes see and mind understands is a form of visual arts. There are plenty of different forms of visual arts, and some of them date back to centuries ago. However, not all of them are equally prominent and here, the site is throwing light on some of the most prominent forms of visual arts prevailing to date.


As the name itself suggests, an abstract form is that form of art where artists do not believe in highlighting different objects and considering the flow of emotions is of utmost importance. This has also been included in the category of the non-objective and non-figurative forms of visual arts.


This form of art is given the shape of painting using geometric shapes. Often, the paintings do not look real but reflect the beauty of merging different shapes into one canvas. Originated by the famous artist Picasso, this form focuses on the beauty of shapes and often appears on the two-dimensional surface.


This form of visual art focuses precisely on the expressions than counting more on the shapes and sizes.


This form of art is often made directly using natural and non-naturalistic colors. Artists often use bright colors and forms and appear mostly as something which people call “wild beast.” This form emerged in Paris and depicted the strong personal feelings of the individual artist.

Today’s Modern Art

Today, one can really know the difference between traditional art and modern. Modernization has led us to make use of high-end technology to express our arts and our newest art forms. Today, people enjoy the privilege of writing, painting and composing through tablets and computers- which are non-existent before.

Today, with a single click and a single tap through buttons and keys your art forms are one step away from rounding up the whole world. Indeed, technology has allowed us to embrace these advancements in this digital era not only for art forms to improve and develop but to also make room for what we call “modern art”. One good example of this is the vacuum from