To be able to make a beautifully sepia-colored paper for doing art projects such as tags and cards, you need to soak sheets of plain white card stock in casserole tray that’s filled with brewed and warm coffee. Set the sheets dry on racks – one that’s designed in cooling baked goods.

The cooling rack is going to leave an appealing design on the sheet.

Short Process

You might like to sprinkle sheets using coffee grounds, this can leave dark sprinkles of color. When it’s dried, paper will have to go through computer printer or perhaps, it can be stamped. The process works as well for plain printer paper.

To be able to paint berries and grapes easily, load up a round stencil brush in your primary paint color and then, load white on outer edge. Put the loaded brush onto the surface and then, give it a bit of swirl and lift. Gradate the brush’s size for grape bunches.

Finishing Touches

Before you add your finishing touches to the project, take a photo using your camera using black & white setting or, you may change it such on your computer. You can judge if everything’s correct after doing this. In addition to that, if you’ll be sending photos for non-color publication, then make sure to put the digital files to your computer screen and pick the clearest one in black & white.