Art world is ready for revolution. Artists and the industry as a whole just does not know it. Various streaming services and social media platforms have entirely changed the landscape. But they have not yet solved the biggest problems it is facing.

So what are these problems that have to be solved to catapult art to the forefront of the world’s market?


Creativity isn’t profitable.

This puts up a challenge to the status quo, vested interests and at times, our sense of self.

It is just difficult to put a value on it and more so, to do justice to products sold online. There is a tactile feel and visual aspect when it comes to buying art that can’t be provided when buying one online.

The Right amount of Exposure

Another issue that has to be given attention to is proper exposure. Needless to say, social media sites like Instagram made it possible to give art the exposure it needs. Still, there’s something that’s missing. Having a gallery exhibition is very useful in generating buzz but putting it in front of a bigger audience, online presence plays a critical part. And even though social media allows to connect art to people, online curation has not yet reached a level where it meets the meticulous eyes of true artisans.