Today, the market is flooded with unskilled and untalented artists who make treacherous work.

It is not that their style of art is bad but, it’s just that there’s something pointless at the work produced by them.

This is true especially the ones that are made through a computer.

The Hard Truth

Sorry but this is somewhat disrespecting the industry as a whole and it’s causing people to seek things for free at supermarkets for a low price. Having said that, it is turning people off from making the time and effort to see the work of true and real talented artists. These artists are the ones who’ve been building their skills for years and have been valuable in any way.

It’s there, it Just have to be Promoted

Unfortunately, art is underrated and under promoted. Those who are in the industry needs to get attention and put forward artist’s work so it can be appreciated and known. There are a lot of people who feel that art isn’t a viable career path. It even comes to a point when people are doubting how you can survive and live life by painting.

Remember this, art isn’t just about making profits. It’s about patronage and on the collector’s part, it’s the portrayal of sense of being more cultured and polished.