Visual expressions have been used for healing. Even our ancestors are using it for healing purposes. It’s ironic though that it was just recently when art therapy becomes a profession. Through creative and artistic use of different materials for such, we could discover and at the same time, follow are real imagery and learn more of ourselves deeply.

No! Talent is not Required

Making art is something that could reduce your stress and sooth your emotions. Apart from that, this is a great source of relaxation, self-expression as well as gratification. Unlike other art forms, talent isn’t the most important factor when engaging yourself in art therapy.

To be honest, talent isn’t even a requirement to be good in such.

It’s for Everyone

Art therapy is revolving around the idea that the actual creative process is innate in every person.

Each and every one of us has a gift of creativity and it’s unfolding the inner creativity that takes us on healing journey. This is the same reason why art therapy is growing in popularity. It doesn’t need to be creative or something, all it needs is to release your inner self and let your mind do the rest of the work.