If you think that raw talent and skill is enough to be a good artist, then you may want to think that over again.

Hard work and building your individual style are truly the heart of a good and successful artist.

The good news is, anyone can be like such, considering that you work hard for it. Dedicating yourself to your discipline and giving time to do it day after day is a simple step that can bring a huge impact on your career.

One Step at a Time

Breakdown the art form you have chosen into skills or components. Saying to yourself that you want to be a master painter is a noble goal however, that goal is so broad making it difficult to know where you should begin. Successful practice in any art discipline will demand the mastery.

Practice and Consistency

As mentioned, it is strongly recommended that you practice your craft every day to the point that it becomes a habit to you. Humans are improving faster with exerted effort daily. Believe it or not, just 10 minutes of practice in a day can yield better results than doing 2 hours of practice once per week.

Try finding a way on how you can make art of your day to day routine and prioritize it on your busy schedule. In the event that you cannot find the time to do so, then don’t complain why it is taking too long to be a good and known artist.