Success is not achieved overnight. This is a process that you have to go through and it takes time. And for any artists, it may seem like forever before they can call themselves one. In business, everything is unpredictable. The sales could be sporadic and oftentimes, there are waves of short or no sales, making it twice as difficult to plan and maintain a budget.

Such challenge often drives the artists to look for other works that can bring them money but in the process, they lose time and become stagnant with their creativity. For any entrepreneurs whether you are an artist, stability plays a vital role.

A valuable way of generating a certain level of foreseeable income is via commissioned artworks.

Oftentimes, collectors see the concept of commissioning of an artist to be intriguing but also, intimidating. As a way of clearing their doubts and securing the commission, you need to take lead and articulate the process. Right on the initial response, the following has to be included:


In the contract, it has to be stated clearly the structure, any visual references, exhibition rights and reproduction. Above everything else, it needs to show how much the artist will get upfront and upon completion.


The prices have to be outlined clearly for the commissioned work. Break this down according to style and/or size. Also, address the applicable sales tax as well as duties and any shipping costs that are associated to it.