Line is an important art element. This is connecting the space between two points and takes form along the way.

Lines are being used in defining shape in 2D works and may be considered as the most ancient and universal forms of marking.

Believe it or not, there are various kinds of lines. And these are characterized by its lengths being greater than the width and the paths it take. Depending on how it is used, lines can determine the direction, energy and direction of the artwork. The quality of line is referring to the character that’s presented by line to animate the surface to different degrees.

Adding Depth and Life to Artwork

Another art element that plays a significant role is dark and light or also known as value. This can be sub-categorized into shade and tint. When it comes to painting to which it utilizes subtractive color, the value is changing and it can be achieved by adding white or black to the color.

Artists can employ shading that refers to a subtle manipulation of value. Its scale is used on showing standard variation of tones. Values that are closer to the lighter end of spectrum are called high keyed while the ones on the other end of spectrum are called as low keyed.