As you read this article, you’re about to learn the drawing tools and materials that play an essential role to every artist, especially those who are starting their career or passion in drawing.

Materials to be Secured

Take note though, this will be solely focused on black and white only since it’s for beginners. If you’re ready, then let’s get started.

High-Quality Pencils

We are going to kick this off with the most basic and most essential, which are the drawing pencils. When talking about this stuff, artists have specific brand that they’re acquainted with. There is no better way of knowing which brand is your bet until you’ve tried a couple of it.

Thus, it’ll be a trial and error process in the beginning.


This is among the significant things any artists could have. However, see to it that this is an active sketchbook. It’s for the reason that anyone can buy one but not everything can be drawn in regularly. Therefore, buy a sketchbook and see to it that you’re using it often.


You will immediately think that erasers are intended for mistakes correct? You might want to think of it over again. These can be used for mark-making too. Each eraser has a unique mark and has to be used as per the specific drawing medium used.