Art has different classifications and these include but not limited to decorative art, applied art, performance art, plastic art, fine art and visual art.

Art in its Own Right

Now, each category has its own discipline. But for the purpose of this article, we are going to talk on selective groups for your enlightenment. Let us begin it with visual art.

This is art that comes in form of ceramics, painting, drawing, printmaking, designs, crafts, video, filmmaking, architecture and photography.

Originally, these works are sculptural and graphic work including 2D and 3D works of applied, graphic and fine art. Then if you are someone who is mainly into beauty or aesthetics and practicing intellectual purposes, then you will love fine arts.

Plastics are Primary Art Materials

There is also this so-called Plastic Art. In here, this involves the manipulation of plastic and its physical properties by modeling or molding it. Other kinds of plastic art have been developed throughout the Iron Age including Celtic metalwork art.

Then we have medieval plastic arts too. These are best exemplified by relief sculptures and religious statues found in Gothic cathedrals and Romanesque of Northern France, England and Germany. The lesser plastic arts of this period include Mosan metalwork, Venetian glassmaking and Byzantine mosaics.