Some of the respected and known artists in our history were actually innovators. They are focused on creating and introducing new styles and techniques and they’re able to further improve art by making the expressions…

  • More recognizable
  • Clearer and;
  • Easier

They have significantly improved how art was created and thus, created a long lasting impression for themselves. Thus, solidifying their reputation in the industry.

New and emerging artists of the past century on the other hand were not successfully able to distinguish themselves through talent. Rather, what they are aiming is gaining respect using innovation. By innovation, it is by becoming the “first artist” to try something. By making claims that they have been pushing art to its boundaries, they are pretending to make progress.

Innovation is Art as They Say

This is why everyone eventually tried to become the newest innovator. Standard of greatness in art had changed from fulfilling the needs of man to whatever’s new and different.

This has hastened the destruction of art.

And then apparently, it seems that art has included everything and nothing was off limits in hopes of finding something new.

These days, art is “good” if it looks innovative. It seems that innovation is the primary ingredient today in taking art to a whole new level from its original purpose.