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Manifesta 8 will close its doors on Sunday, Jan the 9th, but you will still have the oppurtunity to visit the biennial this weekend if you did not do so already. The venues remain open and will follow the regular hours. You will also have the opportunity to take a free guided tour of the exhibition (schedule for these visits can be found at the end of this article).

The Department of Education and Mediation Manifesta 8, proposes a series of activities for everyone to reflect, learn and enjoy the contemporary art during the weekend:

SATURDAY, JANUARY 8: Family Workshop

"Seeing is believing? 12-14hs. Muram, Regional Museum of Modern Art (CARTAGENA)

Do we need to see to represent? How to understand what we observe? Do you always believe what we see? Join us for a family activity that deals with how we see and understand the world around us. Explore how other senses like touch, taste, smell and hearing influence our perception and understanding of reality and how different artists approach the "visual".

Audience: children from 5 years, accompanied, at least one adult. Maximum group of 15 people. Workshop

Video Yo! 10:00 14:00 pm " Prison of San Antón, Cartagena. 2-hour break for lunch (Snacks will be served for participants) 16:00 18:00 pm " Casino, Cartagena.

On the weekend of the closure of Manifesta 8, the Department of Education and Mediation offers you an analysis and reflection on the audiovisual and video in contemporary art.

The visual language is the language of the XXI century. Analysing the Biennale and the amount of videos as art projects, provide tools to read and interpret the visual language and review the evolution of video art to the present, video projections, differing in the video art genre. Artists whose works will be analyzed: Danilo Correale, Filipa Caesar, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz and Stefanos Tsivopoulos.

Guided tours 17:30 hs. Muram, Regional Museum of Modern Art (CARTAGENA)

During a visit of an exhibition of contemporary art, we face many issues. The work suggests a few ideas, the mediator of art tells us more ... What do we think? This guided tour offers a special journey through the exhibition: true lies, half truths and imagination will help us to seek our own interpretation of the works.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 9: Family Workshop


The exhibition "Constitution for Temporary Display" by one of Manifesta 8's curatorial collectives implied a new process for setting up an exhibition of contemporary art. In this workshop the participants are going to make up their own rules of a game mode and visit the exhibition game following the clues suggested by the art mediators. Family Workshop

Rules of the Game. 12-14hs. Muram, Regional Museum of Modern Art (CARTAGENA) CPS

The Manifesta 8 collective CPS developed an exhibiton model that brings us closer to the life experiences of people with visual disabilities. These tours will visit the exhibition of Muram, accompanied by the art mediators using other senses than sight.

Manifesta 8 PARALELOS, meanwhile, is organizing a concert at the Center Box Noise Párraga the same day as closing the biennial, at 20:00 pm



Mubam 10.00 AV Area

11.00 Old Post Office

12.00, 17.00 and 18.30 Artillery Barracks

11.00 and 18.00 (Hall 2 - meeting point)

Cartagena Autopsias

Pavilion Park "Torres 10.00 (Pavilion Autopsy" meeting point)

ARQUA 12.00 Local Social

of the Santa Lucia 13.00 Muram

16.00 Casino

17.30 Prison

San Anton 17.00, 18.30 and 19.00

How to arrive

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Office Manifesta 8 in Cartagena " Museo Regional de Arte Moderno" (MURAM)
Plaza de la Merced, 15-16
30202 Cartagena

Office "Quiosco del puerto"
Muelle Alfonso XII
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Office Manifesta Foundation of Amsterdam
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