Art is more of a spiritual journey than just being creative. As a matter of fact, it is more like expressing our soul. Each and every artist is different and unique. There are basically no rules to be followed in making an artwork.

The artist is transcending convention and the outcome is almost always beautiful.

Artist and philosopher Eric Gill reminds people that artists are not different person, but everyone is a different artist of their own right.

It’s Universal

Art helps in expressing our natural creativity. This is basically the soul’s language. The ultimate creativity do comes from wisdom and energy of love which some people call as

  • The Source
  • The Absolute
  • Creator of Divine and;
  • God

Ancient yogis said that all kinds of creation from gross matter to energy are composed of a substance referred to as Pakritti or the universal creative energy. In line with these modes of creation, dissolution, growth and birth, creative energy is manifesting spontaneously and dissolving into un-manifested source which is otherwise known as the “Absolute”.

A Cycle that Never Seem to End

Every creation comes from the Absolute and retuning to a never-ending cycle. Everyone is part of this universal creative energy and what binds us together are wisdom and love.