Optical illusion art is otherwise known as op art. These types of optical illusions are based from mathematic formulas.

The way how it is done is by using repetition of color and form in order to create moiré patterns which then produce illusions.

Additionally, it is distorting a person’s sense of depth and causing background-foreground confusion.

Do You have the Skills?

If you are trying to create optical illusion art, then it will need require certain things and these are:

  • Meticulous planning
  • Technical skills and;
  • Math ingenuity

Since it is manipulating the rules of perception, the viewer tries to figure out the painting by observing movements, 3D forms, hidden images as well as other simulation.

Creating Optical Illusion Art

All elements that are used in producing illusionary lines, piece, colors and shapes should be selected carefully for its combination. This is vital to attain the optimal effect.

How it is Achieved?

There are two primary methods to create optical illusion art actually. First of the two is the most recognized approach, which is done through using patterns and lines. More often than not, in white and black; if done correctly, it brings illusionary images. Another thing is through the use of color that uses the same patterns but creates additional effect on the eyes of the viewer and create a different dimension.