These days, there are several venues where you can buy artworks. For instance, you can buy one in galleries, at the actual art show, stores, auctions or even over the internet. Whether you prefer to deal with the artist in person or buy through an agent, buying “smart” simply means that you know the artist’s background who has created the work and know that its price will shoot in value.

There are different types of artists that are creating various artworks these days and these falls into three different categories.

Commission Artists

These artists have the liberty of their works and their main model of business is working for clients specifically. When buying piece of art from commissioned artists, there are couple of options that you have, it’s whether you purchase them from an established and personal collection or commission custom artwork for yourself.

Emerging Artists

As the name suggests, these artists have not yet proven anything on the art world.

They can be virtually in any field be it in painting, photography, sculpting and the likes.

They could be:

  • Highly trained
  • Savants or
  • Amateur

The medium does not really matter as all of these artists have just started their career in the art world.

Established Artists

This is the complete opposite of emerging artists. An established artist is someone who has built reputation and name for themselves.