There are wide varieties of modular painting. These modular paintings have actually become a critical part of interior design projects. Modular art is basically an art that’s created by means of combining separate modules and parts which lead to an in-depth composition.

There are some features that enable to move modules or be used partially.

Having said that, whenever a new composition is acquired, it is oftentimes different from the original configuration and semantic content.

It’s been Used Long before

Whether you believe it or not, the very first modular painting was created or appeared back in Renaissance period. These days, modularity is among the favorite concepts of various professionals including:

  • Architects
  • Designers and;
  • Artist

Modular kitchens as we and every homeowner enjoys was first introduced in 1932 in Belgium. This is done with the presentation of architect Louis Herman De Konick.

A Masterpiece Indeed

Modular art is something that does involve the co-creation of both the viewer and the artist themselves. Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons why there are increasing number of designers who are taking advantage of this concept in decorating office space and residential areas.

It’s worth to buy modular paintings and you become one of the co-authors of the end result which changes the content and form of your own volition.