The Right Tools For Every Wood Application

Wood is a great material for your work of art. Regardless of the type of wood, there the right tool for it.

Depending on the project and the size of the workpiece, wood can be worked excellently by hand. There’s a wide range of hand tools for wood carving. But even those who prefer to work with the machine such as power tools (see will discover many tools that make the sculptor’s heart beat faster.

Incidentally, wood carving tools can also be used for stone processing, e.g. for modeling soapstone. But be careful: wooden tools that are used for stone can no longer be used for woodworking!

Hand tools for woodworking

If you are not committed to working with chainsaws, angle grinders, or other machine woodworking equipment, we offer a wide selection of hand tools of different shapes – wood carving tools in many shapes and sizes, mallets, carving knives, and rasps. We have axes, hatchets, and adzes as well as saws for rough work. Draw knives and sandpaper ensure smooth surfaces. From the finest and most detailed carving to large sculptures, all shapes can be created by hand – provided you have the right tool.

A clean-cut for a clean cut

The sharper the blades and cutting of the wooden tools, the more fun you will have at work and the more convincing the result: If the blade of the carving iron is perfectly ground, the fiber will be cut cleanly and the wood will have a silky sheen while it is being carved. So take good care of your hand tools for woodworking! Regular sharpening and honing of gouges, chisels, and carving knives is essential for clean work.

Various sharpening tools are suitable for sharpening and honing tools by hand: Natural stones such as Belgian chunks and Arkansas, artificial stones made of corundum, or diamond sharpening stones in different grain sizes. If you would like to sharpen your wooden tools with the machine, you can use a TORMEK sharpening machine, the most sophisticated sharpening system currently available.

Machine woodworking

With the attachments for milling and rasping for the angle grinder, e.g. from ARBORTECH or SABURRTOOTH, wood can be removed and shaped quickly and easily. But milling machines and electric carving machines also make work easier and create new design options.

With the chainsaw, you can not only cut wood but also excellently carve up to filigree elements. Carving saws, which are smaller and lighter than normal chainsaws, are particularly fun. With the appropriate equipment, you can also convert normal chainsaws for chainsaw carving.

Wood carving supplies for surface design

In addition to its shape and material, the surface of a sculpture is crucial for its expression. Sandpaper for hand and machine sanding in many grain sizes differently shaped sanding files as well as sanding pads and blocks, waxes, and oils are available for an optimal surface design.

Good wood carving as a prerequisite for wood carving

Many deciduous and coniferous woods are suitable for carving, e.g. maple, oak, elm, poplar, birch, olive, larch or yew. You decide whether you are looking for hard or softwood, for a large or small workpiece, for indoors or outdoors. Of course, the grain of the wood, which can be very different, is also very important.